The Digital Logbook

Once you have completed your paddle you can view a summary of your trip and data in the Digital Logbook.

Trip Details

Your trip details screen will immediately appear once you have ended your session. If you have cell connection at the time, Assuming you are in an area with the cell signal, the location will automatically be filled in, your route will also be overlaid onto a Map or Satellite Image (note that satellite maps are only included with a Paddle Logger Pro subscription). As part of the digital logbook you will see a data summary which includes - Duration, Distance, Max Speed, Average Speed and Pace (depending on your service level). 


As well as a data summary you will see the trip has been placed in the Unassigned Folder by default. To move it to another folder, tap on 'Unassigned' and select the folder.

Adding Photos, Notes, & Craft

To add photos to the trip, tap on the photo icon, and to add the craft details, tap on Craft (under Summary). You can also add notes if you wish - scroll down to the bottom of the trip details screen and you'll see the Notes section.

Pins & Maps

If you have dropped pins in your trip (only available on Paddle Logger Pro) you will see a large pin overlay on the map. Pressing this will bring up a breakdown of cumulative and split times between pins. Tapping the trip map itself will bring up a new screen with an interactive map of your journey, and from here you can rotate and zoom the map level.

Sharing a Trip

Tapping the sharing icon (it's in the same section as the folder name) will generate a branded trip map JPEG that you can save to the iPhone's native Photos app or send directly to your friends and/or social apps via the iOS share card.

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