Sharing Your Sessions

Or more commonly known as...

How can I share my awesome adventure to make my friends jealous??

Don't worry, we have got you covered. Once you have recorded your session and are reviewing what you have achieved in the Digital Logbook, you will notice there are some ellipses in the top right of the screen (opening a drop down to a menu that includes Share), below the map, you will also see a Share icon.

Pressing either of these will get you to our sharing screen, here you will see your trip with the Paddle Logger Overlay. You can: 

  • edit the title 
    • (see what happens when you add a hashtag!!) 
  • change the overlay colours 
  • and using two fingers on the map zoom and rotate the map so it fits perfectly. 

Once finished you can save the image to your camera roll ("Save to Camera Roll") or share immediately via the "Share" button. This will then bring up the standard Apple share options.

If you are a subscriber you will also be able to use photos from the trip to create posts or take a new photo and share it with your trip overlay. All the same features are then available as for the map. However, to Crop the Photo you will have to press the button "Crop Photo" to move the image.

We love seeing where you all paddle and what you get up to on the water, so when you share your trips please do tag us @paddlelogger and use #paddlelogger. We can then share your epicness!!

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