Using your Apple Watch

We are stoked to share with you Paddle Logger for Apple Watch.

Once you have set up Paddle Logger for iPhone you will be able to use Paddle Logger for Apple Watch. It operates in exactly the same way as the iPhone. 

1 Button, 
and GO!!

Your settings from the iPhone version of Paddle Logger will automatically sync to your Apple Watch. Though do bear in mind it may take a few seconds. If you wish to adjust the Settings on your Apple Watch alone, swipe the Start screen to the left and your Settings will appear. Paddle LIVE set up is now available on the Apple Watch, you can now swipe to the right and bring up the PaddleLIVE Dashboard. This operates the same way as the PaddleLIVE Dashboard on the home screen of Paddle Logger for iPhone.

When you first set up the App you granted access to your Health Kit so your files could be backed up. What this means though is that your trips will also fill up your Health Rings, fulfilling Movement Goals and Calorie Counts. You will also be able to track your Heart Rate on the Apple Watch while you paddle. 

The Apple Watch has an in-built piece of software called WaterLock. By swiping to the right from the watch home screen and entering settings you can enable this. It disables the screen while tracking to stop water droplets interfering with your device, by rotating the crown the speaker will emit a sound to clear it of water and the screen will unlock. You can find more information here. From here you can swipe left to pause and choose to end the trip from the pause menu.

You can also quickly access the pause menu by pressing the Crown and Side button at the same time. This "Quick Pause" allows you to stop tracking accurately if needs, then rotate the crown and end the trip in your own time. This is perfect if you are using Paddle Logger in an event scenario.

Once you have finished your trip on the Apple Watch you will get a Short Trip Summary on the Watch Screen. Once you have viewed this it will shortly after appear on your iPhone in the Digital Logbook.


While your Apple Watch will be able to record your geo-location with out your iPhone, we recommend that you take your iPhone with you at all times stowed in a dry bag. There are a few reasons for this:

- when in the vicinity of your iPhone your Apple Watch will intelligently use the GNSS chip in your iPhone. 

- the chip in your iPhone is a little more accurate than the one in the Apple Watch so your data will be more accurate.

- you will also vastly improve the battery life of your devices. 

As well as the above technical reasons, we would always recommend taking your iPhone for safety reasons should you get into difficulty. Whether you think you will need it or not, being on the water carries inherent risk, so it is always worth carrying some form of communication.