Apple Watch Waterlock

Being on the Water droplets can interfere with the Watch Screen and the Speaker

Enter Waterlock, and more importantly our own version, read on to find out more.

Apple built a really cool function for those of use who spend time in the water. Waterlock. This means that when you start a swimming or paddle trip the screen is locked and when you rotate the crown to end a trip sound is emitted from the speaker to clear it. Awesome.

However, we found one problem, if we wanted to pause a trip or quickly answer a call/text while paddling we would have to wait for the speaker to finish doing it's thing and then pause, do what we need to, before allowing the watch to reset Waterlock when we are done and wanting to resume the trip. 

So we decided to build our own, if you swipe right to bring up the Apple Watch settings, you will see a toggle to turn Waterlock off.

This enables our own version, so when you start a trip the screen locks so you can't accidentally end or pause the trip, then when you rotate the crown the trip is automatically paused, you have the option to end the trip or drop a pin. Rotating the crown again rapidly resumes the journey and locks the screen. Try it out now.

We would recommend when finished rinsing the watch in fresh water and clearing out the speaker of your watch separately when you have finished your trip to avoid corrosion damage.