Apple Watch Water Lock

On the water, water droplets can interfere with the Watch Screen and the Speaker

So, by default Paddle Logger will engage the Water Lock when your session starts and you lower your wrist.

To turn off Water Lock you rotate the crown to end a trip sound is emitted from the speaker to clear out the water. Awesome.

If you want to quickly pass your trip without disabling waterlock, simply press the Digital Crown and Side button at the same time.

Disable Water Lock

You can disable the Water Lock feature in Paddle Logger:

  • From the "GO" screen on the Paddle Logger Apple Watch app, swipe from right to left
  • Scroll down, you will see a toggle to turn Water Lock off - this switches off Apple's Water Lock and the screen will always be active

If you choose to turn the water lock off, we would recommend rinsing the watch in fresh water and clearing out the speaker of your watch to avoid corrosion damage.