What is PaddleLIVE®?

What is PaddleLIVE®?

PaddleLIVE® is a safety feature available with a Paddle Logger Subscription. It is designed to keep you connected on the water. If something goes wrong during your paddle, your designated contact will be notified so they can alert emergency services if necessary.

PaddleLIVE® can also be used to share your session at the beginning of your trip so you can organise a pick up, or share your location to social media so others can follow where you are paddling.

As of January 2021, PaddleLIVE® now integrates with what3words. Read more about the integration here: Integration with what3words

Why have we designed this?

Like many other experienced paddlers we know that it's important to take a means of communication with us in case of emergency, or that we should text someone on land our float plan. However, in reality we get caught up in the moment of wanting to get on the water and forget to tell anyone. 

PaddleLIVE® was designed to automatically notify someone on land when, where, and for how long we plan to paddle, and then if we need help send them a lot more detailed information than we could deliver ourselves in one text. 

Staying connected and safer on the water shouldn't be a chore, with PaddleLIVE® it is no more effort than starting a trip with Paddle Logger.

*We expect PaddleLIVE® to be used as part of a multi-layered approach to safety, that is appropriate for the conditions and type of paddling you will be doing. Including if necessary, buoyancy aids, leashes, water etc.

You can read more about PaddleLIVE® here.

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