What is PaddleLIVE


PaddleLive is part of the Paddle Logger Pro Subscription package.

Designed to instantly keep you connected on the water with PaddleLIVE, if something goes wrong on your paddle your designated contact is notified.

We also have options to share your session at the beginning so you can organise a pick up from your a - b paddle and also share to social media so others can follow where you are paddling.

All very well, but how does it actually work?

Simply, designate a time that you think you will be on the water for and go paddling. (You can easily adjust this during your trip). e.g. 1 hour, start Paddle Logger tracking.

(If you wish to send a message saying you are heading onto the water at the beginning of a trip, just toggle this on).

If you are still on the water beyond your expected end time, in this example 1 hour, PaddleLIVE will send you notifications to check you are ok. If you are, simply press I'm ok and with one button extend your expected journey time. 

If you don’t respond, or choose to fire a digital Flare, a text alert is sent to your chosen contacts. This message will ask them to first check in with you and then look at the linked webpage which shows a map of where you have been paddling, your current location and coordinates, as well as data about your current battery life.

Once they have assessed the situation it is then their responsibility to, only if required, contact the relevant authorities to initiate an efficient rescue.


Why have we designed this? Like many other experienced paddlers we know to take a device with us in case of emergency, we know we should text someone on land our float plan. However, in reality we get caught up in the moment of wanting to get on the water and invariably, we forget to message someone. So we decided to automate it as a starts looking out for us when we start recording our trip with Paddle Logger, and then if we need help someone is notified with a heap more detailed information than we could deliver in one text. Staying connected and safer on the water shouldn't be a chore, with PaddleLIVE it is no more effort than starting a journey with Paddle Logger.

We expect PaddleLIVE to be used as part of a multi-layered approach to safety, that is appropriate for the conditions and type of paddling you will be doing. including if necessary, buoyancy aids, leashes, water etc.